Personal Struggle

I really like this idea from PEI.

I’ve been searching for ideas where the College Mixte de l’Experience itself could raise funds. I struggle so much with the idea of asking for donations on our blog.
I would like to see a plan for raising funds coming from the school. I
want to see a 2 way street, not just expectation of handouts. A plan, a  budget! If the finances are transparent, teachers and workers will be happier!

I try to come up with  ideas. (I’ll call this brain storming)
1.Maybe creating stories answering the question WHO AM I? They could
be printed into a book with photos. The children would be so proud to see this! Perhaps they could be sold and also put into a protected area thus starting a small school library. (Who we are changes from year to year, so this might go on forever!) [ I have made wonderful books on the web as Christmas gifts and would enjoy helping with such a project. I’m sure others would enjoy this too.]
2. Selling and displaying children’s art work. (This requires a space and materials)
3. Learning songs to sing as a group for churches. Make a song book,
illustrate it. Christmas is coming and the children need to have joyful activities! A dance performance might be fun too.

A sample book (for my granddaughter)

I would be more comfortable asking for assistance if I first saw effort stemming from the school and the parents and the community. This may already be happening, but I want to hear about these activities and ideas.

In the end, if I don’t provide a way for people to help, a “donation spot”,
no one will. I still struggle.



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Gardener, knitter, wife, mother of 2, grandmother, and lots more.
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