Can we learn from another school’s success?

I have been reading about a school that has been operating in Port au Prince for over 20 years without tuition fees. I decided to read further because they must be doing something right!

This boarding school is called the Louverture Cleary School. It is a Catholic, co-educational secondary boarding school for economically under-privileged Haitian children. The Haitian Project is a Catholic Mission which supports and operates Louverture Cleary School (LCS). The Haitian Project was founded in the early 1980’s by St. Joseph’s Parish in Providence, RI, USA, to provide humanitarian aid and relief to the people of Haiti.

You can read more about the Haitian Project here:

Some of the things that struck me immediately were these:
1. Specific goals were established from the outset
2. Support was clearly identified and maintained
3. A time chart for accomplishing their goals was realistic and successful.
4. The students receive a quality education
5. Community service in the neighborhood is expected from each student.

Photo by Mike Cipoletti

Perhaps what LCS has gone through in their 23 years can be of help to College Mixte de l’Experience. Studying their goals may give us ideas!

Their goals are:

*To educate students of all faiths through an academically challenging
program in a Christian community rooted in service to others.
*To provide a safe atmosphere that nurtures students intellectually,
spiritually and physically, fostering in them a concern for the
environment and global community.
*To promote the advancement of women, by providing educational
opportunities that encourage young women to continue their education and
to be role models for others.
*To instill in students the desire and motivation to remain in Haiti
and to work not only for self-improvement, but also for the betterment
of all Haitians.
*To develop and enhance leadership qualities in students, preparing
them to make social and economic contributions to their community and
their country.
*To promote career and post-secondary educational opportunities for
students in Haiti.
*To collaborate with other agencies or religious organizations who are
committed to similar ideals for Haiti.
*To increase awareness in Americans of the plight of the Haitian
people, as well as their hope for the future.


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