I’d like to share an amazing story of hope.

Some of you may recall my post about kite flying in a tent city with deaf children.
One of the people there was a man named Ryan whose organization, “Every Person Has a Story” (EPHAS) works in special areas of the world getting children to document their lives with digital cameras.

EPHAS Productions works with NGOs around the world to teach their clientele how to take digital photographs. If an amputee receives a leg, free of charge, his or her life has changed. If 250,000 people have access to clean water, their lives will change. It is up to the beneficiaries to document their experience.

Participants around the world are asked to take pictures representing words such as “family” “hate” “fear” and “love” to develop insight into the individual’s life and the culture around them.

And now a most incredible moment is about to occur: EPHAS has ongoing workshops in established and respected schools, orphanages and medical facilities throughout Cambodia, Rwanda, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Domestically, they connect each of the organizations from abroad with middle schools and high schools to open up our youths’ eyes to the world. In February, “Every Person Has a Story” will have exclusive documention for a couple thousand people moving from one of the American Refugee Committee’s main tent cities.

“EPHAS (Every Person Has a Story) is very pleased to be the exclusive documentarian of a mass move as thousands of Haitians relocate thanks to the efforts of the American Refugee Committee. Throughout the month of February, many families are moving back to their former communities into safe, stable housing from a Port-au-Prince tent city, Terra Acra. Others are moving to permanent residences in Fonds Parisiens, nearly 100 miles away (per their own choice, of course).

EPHAS will be teaching the beneficiaries of the ARC how to document their own lives through photography – instead of taking the picture and submitting their own naive perspective. They will teach two three-day workshops in the city and then two more in Fonds Parisiens. Students having this new skill will be able to show an honest depiction of the positive changes occurring in Haiti. This does not blanket the struggles, but paints a more complete picture for the world to see.”

I so hope to share more of this project with you soon!


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