Waveplace in Haiti

I’m loving the updates from Beth and Tim! This from last Saturday. Brings a tear…

Ysmaille brought me to AMURT’s headquarters where we found a hundred differently shaped boxes, all from the individual donors. OLPC had not even opened them, so each had the original shipping labels. I decided to take photos of each label, so we could thank each person. Opening the boxes we found many personal notes. Here is one:

Opening the boxes was hard work, but it was also inspirational. I felt a connection to each of these people, calling out their city and state to the half-dozen Haitians in the room. By the time we opened the last box, we were getting late for the first mentor class, so we dashed off to AMSAI.
READ MORE: http://waveplace.org/news/blog/2011/01/29/d3-averys-gift/


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