An 18 Year Old’s Insight

On December 7th and 8th, Jean Mackinson took over 200 photos. These photos were all taken at or near Delmas 2 where EPHAS has implemented workshops into the only tent city in Haiti dedicated to the deaf and their families. Jean Mackinson, one of the deaf students, is the one responsible for the young EPHAS group.

Consider the following two shots that he took on the evening of December 7th.

Then on December 8th, he produced this photo. I can’t begin to imagine a deaf person dealing with the hysteria around him.

How volatile and unpredictable their lives can be. If Jean is shooting nice teddy bears and candies one day and then 10 hours later he’s exposed to such violence and hysteria, that concept is worth exploring.


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One Response to An 18 Year Old’s Insight

  1. Kelly D says:

    Amazing contrast between these pictures!

    I think that they represent what all children in Haiti experience in their lives 😦

    I want more of the first pictures for them

    Loving God, Loving Haiti!

    Kelly D

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