Travel with EPHAS

While protests broke out calling for President Preval to quit, we were in Terrain Acra focusing on honing student skills. One new ability the students have now is how to capture motion as seen in the fraying tarp in this photo by Joseph Ricardine’s (13 y/o).

This photo taken by Perrier Anchelo, 14 y/o, shows the clinic and the closely monitored “Child Friendly Zones” where all classes take place including our workshops.

Home at Terrain Acra, by Freyiste Woody, 14 y/o.

CFS: Child Friendly Space by Derline Berzile, 9 y/o.

From our 15-Word Exercise: “Fear”, another work by Freyiste Woody, 14 y/o.

Follow EPHAS to Fonds Parisien tomorrow for the last leg of their trip.


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2 Responses to Travel with EPHAS

  1. Alice Jordon says:

    The final photo is very powerful!

  2. The whole idea of Child Friendly Places is both heartbreaking and wonderful! Take a look at some of the work done in these spaces here:

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