Haiti Partners

Exciting news from Haiti: Another 100 Haitian children and mentors just received XO laptops and training!

These laptops are helping us to learn more and to learn more quickly. As we create our stories and do illustrations, we’re improving in writing, in reading, and in math. My friends and I are so excited about learning how to use computers.” Kattyana Barreau, 14

Computers and internet access, along with good instruction and coaching, provide Haitian children the opportunity to leapfrog forward in their education. Their world expands as their typing, computer, and navigation skills grow. These students learn how to educate themselves – and are excited with the opportunity to do so.

We are delighted to be in partnership with Waveplace and OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) in making this leapfrog opportunity available. Thanks to this partnership, we’ll distribute another 400 XO laptops in April. That brings the total to 700 Haitian children and mentors who have already received or who will receive XO laptops and training during a twelve-month period. Many thanks to Waveplace and OLPC for their partnership efforts!

Haiti’s children are the key to Haiti’s future. Equipping them with quality education and tools is the best investment in helping Haitians change Haiti. And partnerships make this progress possible. We’re grateful for our partnerships with countless dedicated organizations like OLPC and Waveplace and good people LIKE YOU who make this work possible.

Thank you for equipping Haiti’s children to help change Haiti.
Kent and John, Co-Directors


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