A young doctor fights for quality health care in Haiti

Dr. Natasha Archer

In addition to providing health care, Archer sees a host of issues that need to be addressed in Haiti – one is access to clean water. This became even more obvious during the outbreak of cholera last fall.

“When people ask me why don’t I go into infectious disease, why am I doing oncology, hematology? I sometimes respond I probably should go into water engineering since that’s one of the major problems in Haiti. Seventy percent of people don’t have access to potable water.”
Read more: http://www.bostonhaitian.com/2011/young-doctor-fights-quality-health-care-haiti

Archer’s Favorite Haitian Proverb is:
Wòsh nan dlo pa kon pwoblèm wòsh nan soley. Rocks in water don’t understand the problems of rocks that lie in the sun


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