Making Lasting Memories

By Julie Anderson

Art teacher and art club sponsor Patty Wrighton advises Westside High School students, from left, Lila Ferber, Harley Huang, Araceli Vazquez (obscured) and Marissa Boyer as they work on portraits of orphans from Mexico as part of the Memory Project.

Artists create art for many reasons. To express themselves. To tell a story. To add beauty.

And sometimes, they create in order to give, to raise social consciousness or to increase global awareness.

Two international projects that students in several Nebraska and Iowa high schools have participated in this year fall into the latter category.

Through the Memory Project, students here create portraits of children in orphanages or children’s homes around the globe, giving those children a memory of their childhood, something of their own.

Every Person Has a Story pairs student photographers in the United States with young photographers from other countries. Each group creates and exchanges images that illustrate, to them, 15 big concept words, such as love, hope and education.
Compare these two photos on the theme of Beauty:
“Beauty” by Joseph Enoise, 18 years old, at Fonds Parisien.

Taken by K. Zagurski from Omaha, Nebraska to represent “Beauty.”

The end result, their teachers say, is learning — about artistic techniques, yes, but also about other people and other cultures.

“It’s all about using art to make some sort of connection,” said Shawn Blevins, an art teacher at Westside High School.
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