Launch of the National Fund for Education (FNE) by Martelly

Yesterday, Thursday took place a meeting at the Hotel Karibe Convention Center, during which the President Michel Martelly and other stakeholders have made ​​a detailed presentation of the National Fund for Education (FNE) which is a priority of his five years.

With the FNE nearly 1.5 million children by the end of the term of President will be schooled. “I bring good news for Haiti’s children with the launch of a consortium of several sectors to finance their education” has declared the President Martelly in his speech, ensuring that political will is now existing, and stating that “the opposition to my government is normal, but we must ensure not to oppose to the future of our children.”

While Jean Marie Guillaume, an expert within the FNE indicates “the national fund will be a priority for President Joseph Michel Martelly over the next five years, when we speak of the National Fund for Education, the goal is to mobilize financial resources needed to educate the most disadvantaged children.”

“It’s an initiative that we put in place to bring everyone into confidence and for that the whole world knows that this public-private consortium will provide education to the children of country, Today we say to all sectors who want to help us, join the FNE, the National Fund for Education.”

For his part, Mr. Bashir Lamine, UNESCO representative in Haiti wished “a Haitian schools more equitable, more open, more friendly, than the quality of education is strengthened, that the girls find their place at least as much as boys.”

The Greater South will be the first beneficiary of the FNE, then will come the great North and West and Central Plateau, the first schooling will take place in September 2012 and will concern 350.000 children. Read article here:


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