The Haiti Earthship Project

An Earthship is a radically sustainable home made of recycled materials.
The Haiti Earthship Project is a permanent, sustainable structure that takes care of the people (clean water, sanitary sewage treatment) and requires very few skills which are easy to acquire. The local people can replicate these buildings and systems.
We do not want people to become dependant on products that we make or any country makes. We want people to be empowered by the ability to create sustenance for themselves, and in doing so, create employment, jobs and a mini-economy. An entire method that is independent of corporations, largely independent of oil and independent of politics.

Its Putting Housing Back into the Hands of the People.

We are bringing the people some technology and demonstrating it. We are bringing a method of living that has taken us over 40 years to develop. We have a few communities using it. We are doing buildings all over the world using this method. We are taking this method of living to Haiti to demonstrate and evolve it toward and with the Haitian people on the level at which Haiti needs it, not taking “developed” world housing and trying to make it work in Haiti.
Read more and watch videos here:


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