Haiti – Reconstruction : Construction project of 2,000 houses

Eduardo Almeida, the Representative in Haiti, of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has announced that his institution, would soon launch a project to build 2,000 houses for a total amount of $30 million.

1.000 houses will be built in two phases [600 and 400] to the Orangers near of Cité Soleil, and 1.000 others will be built in the North on a site that is not yet finally decided. However, ongoing negotiations, suggesting that the site could be at Caracol in the Northeast, due to the development of pole of development of the new Park in the region that will require a significant increase of the number of housing in the region to meet the needs of the new workforce.

The Brazilian Eduardo Almeida, estimates that the project of the industrial park of North, is expected to generate at least 130.000 new jobs within the first 5 years of operation [40,000 in the textile, 40,000 in services related to the operation of the park, 40,000 indirect jobs in agriculture and as much in the tourism industry].

Almeida has reaffirmed the commitment of the IDB for the next ten years, namely, the investment of 200 million dollars in agriculture, education, of the haitian private sector, the energy, transport and drinking water. Over 300 million have been disbursed by the IDB, for the years 2009 and 2010, a sum which is part of the development plan of the industrial pole [estimated at over 1 billion dollars in total], a plan which will contribute to the decentralization of the capital, Port-au-Prince and Haiti’s economic recovery.


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