Haiti’s Orphans

Haiti’s Orphans
Thursday August 4, 2011 at 9 pm on CBC-TV

Tamara Palinka and Sonson.

With the death toll estimated at a staggering 300 000, and 1.5 million left homeless, the images of infants and children in distress make outsiders yearn to help, which is why the unfolding story of Haiti’s orphans — the most helpless of the earthquake victims — has kept people riveted.

It’s a story of good intentions colliding with different agendas. In the aftermath of the disaster thousands of children were left orphaned or abandoned. Their plight opened a floodgate of adoptions. Planeloads of children landed in North America and Europe, some without proper screening or documentation. Over a thousand went to the U.S alone. No one doubted the sincerity of these efforts. It was all about saving the most vulnerable people in a country devastated by disaster.

But a backlash occurred. 10 Baptist missionaries were detained for improperly taking custody of 33 children. Amid concerns from agencies like UNICEF and The Red Cross, the Haitian government clamped down on all international adoptions. It opened the door again, but just by a crack. And it remains confusing and chaotic.

Read and view more here:http://www.cbc.ca/documentaries/doczone/2011/haitiorphans/


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One Response to Haiti’s Orphans

  1. Kelly D < :) says:

    Majorly bummed that I can’t watch the doc due to living in the US.

    I have posted a comment/request about it on the CBC website and if I hear back from them I will post their response here!!!

    In the mean time if anybody figures out how people out side of Canada can watch the doc (on or offline) please let me know.


    Loving God, Loving Haiti, loving Orphans!

    Kelly DeBardelaben < 🙂

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