Haitian women fight back against abuses

Rights groups in Haiti hope for passage of new legislation to protect women from abuse, some of which is detailed in a new Human Rights Watch report released this week.

A view of a refugee camp, once a golf course, set up for earthquake displaced people in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on July 22.

… after Haiti’s devastating earthquake, the occurrence of violent crimes has dramatically increased. Human Rights Watch released a report this week detailing how the rights to health and security for women remain out of reach in the wake of the earthquake with high incidents of rape in camps for the displaced. Women’s advocates say that hunger and poverty have fueled the problem, along with more women relying on men to provide.

But women are fighting back, Ms. Carline says, from grassroots efforts of individuals to national campaigns. She formed Kofaviv, for example, a volunteer neighborhood watch group of tent city inhabitants. The Ministry of Women’s Affairs has galvanized women’s rights organizations around the nation to push for the passage of an anti-violence bill that penalizes assailants who perpetrate violence against women, from beatings to rape, as well as public safety officials who do not enforce the law. The Ministry of Women’s Affairs is also working with international non-profits to lead anti-violence workshops across the country.
Read more: http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Americas/2011/0831/Haitian-women-fight-back-against-abuses/%28page%29/2


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