Before take-off

Tomorrow travel begins for several of the volunteers setting up what we hope will eventually be a model school in Eastern Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

This week has been jammed with activity at our end. We have collected school supplies, and sports equipment…as much as will fit in the limited space allowed by the airline.

Last Thursday we visited a rural two room schoolhouse in Ontario, Canada, to see some of their techniques with multi-aged classrooms. We were invited to present information to them and conducted mapping exercises with the enthusiastic children. We were very well received and thanked them for their generosity. We even received a stack of completed postcards to exchange with students at the Haitian school.

Our completed project is posted in the front hallway. Here you see individual maps made by each child with a thread leading to their farm’s location on the map. 39 children worked on this activity and they represent 16 families. All the families live on farms.

One child drew a map of a favorite bicycle route:

Another drew the layout of her garden:

A teacher drew her route to school:

When each map was completed, the children were shown an overlay which helped them find the name of the owner of their property over one hundred years ago!

On Sunday we gave a church presentation to a small group who asked interesting questions about Haiti, about past experiences there and hopes for the future.

Yesterday we held a BBQ for a group of about 30 people who were eager to hear about the trip and they too asked many questions and kindly offered some donations to help out where needed.

There have been last minute phone calls, speedy translation jobs for teacher and parent handouts, a quick trip to the bank, and printouts made of skip rope rhymes, marble rules and other verses and games. Packing is yet to be done. Thank goodness for inexpensive hockey bags to be used for travel bags!


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