Croix des Bouquets Volunteers at School and in Their Neighborhood. (recent photos)

Here we see the teachers at the school being assisted with their computers.
Photo by volunteer Sally

Photo by volunteer Sally

And here is a map on the school wall.

On weekends, some of the volunteers stay and work at Grassroots United – here seen flying the Haitian flag. It can be a risky business as there are several typhoid-infected volunteers. Frequent hand sanitizing is required.

Grassroots United gateway

Working late into the night with the nocturnal geckos on the ceiling.

This particular evening there was a debate over housing and building materials.

Sessions on mapping activities are also held at Grassroots United.

The following series of photos shows sights photographed on this particular day’s OpenStreetMap for Haiti tour.

shipping container housing

Electricite d'Haiti

A barber shop

We were told the following: These little "loto" huts are mostly left over from some California company coming in and basically scamming the Haitians out of a bunch of money by promising them they could win it big. Fortunately, I don't think it took long for the people to catch on.

Pharmacy and cosmetic products

Water store

Rubber pieces store. Possibly a sandal-maker.

This Florida business closed and donated their truck.

Mega-pothole puddle

Near the airport.


Plastic bottles, tires, and plaster housing


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