A Very Busy Week at Croix-des-Bouquets

The Haitian American Caucus (HAC) supports a school in Croix-des-Bouquets, east of Port-au-Prince. This means an ever changing staff and volunteer combination at the school.

This week has been an especially busy one…made more complicated by serious wet weather conditions. The week began with a presentation on microloans to farmers, then the arrival of two volunteers who will be working on introducing laptops to the school and also work on mapping of the area, then yesterday the arrival of the school’s co-founder, Sam Pierre, who will be having discussions on school operations.

There is much praise for the 3 cooks, all women who do wonders feeding 10-20 adults daily and 55+kids every morning at 10 or 10:30, now all 5 days of the week unlike last year when they only fed the kids MWF. Progress!

MANY afternoon classes for young adults (english, crochet, women’s empowerment) are going very well too.

Today, September 28th, another volunteer arrives to work on the schoolserver and learning content. Just yesterday some good inexpensive geography material was purchased which may lead to new lessons. This could make it possible to make education the priority.

The issue of power is the big one these days. The volunteers hope to make major improvements in this area between September 28th and October 19th. Below are some “before” shots of the storage area, batteries, generator (new but not maintained), router, printer, and some sort of fax machine. We hope to see “after” shots and success! Being able to restore learning as the centerpiece of this amazing at-risk operation would be so rewarding.

Everyone is sad today. Longstanding volunteer Sally is leaving. She truly tied together this Ecole Shalom community over the past month, teaching amazingly (English classes and daytime classes without speaking the language)- never mind doing the dishes and keeping the male staff organized, positive and on track, without ever admitting until now that she’s burnt out after a year and a half on earthquake relief as a nurse for hundreds and foster mom for hundreds more.


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