Haiti – Reconstruction : Martelly and Correa visited the Artibonite

Michel Martelly, the President of the Republic of Haiti, took part yesterday Tuesday at the farewell ceremony of the contingent of Ecuadorian Military Engineers, installed since the earthquake of January 12, 2010 in the town of Petite Rivière de l’Artibonite, as part of the Ecuadorian mission to support the reconstruction of Haiti.

After the signing of the donations agreements consisting of geographical surveys of certain regions, of medical interventions, technical equipment used in road work, and medical devices., the Head of State, has also inaugurated a bridge on l’Estère, a structure 30 meters long, with a value of over USD$893,282. The assistance of this Ecuadorian unit in the region represents a considerable humanitarian assistance for the population.

In presence of Rafael Correa Delgado, President of Ecuador, of the High Command of the National Police of Haiti, of Mr. Rodolfo Mattarollo, Ambassador representing the Technical Secretariat of UNASUR-Haiti and some parliamentarians, including the Senator Youri Latortue, teh President Martelly thanked the Ecuadorian Military Engineering Company for its various road and urban infrastructure, including the rehabilitation of over 50 km of roads in the region, the construction of bridges and road sections and the cleaning of drainage channels of over 111.700 m3 of water. A series of works totaling thirteen million seven thousand three hundred forty-four (13,007,344) U.S. dollars.

Speaking at the Ecuadorian military camp, Mr. Martelly and Mr. Correa have recognized that both countries are condemned to help each other. The Head of State of Ecuador recalled the great moments of the history of Ecuador in their struggle for independence and the courtesy of Haitians who fought alongside them. “Our country is a small country like yours and has similar problems. But the Ecuadorian have a lot of brotherhood and fully understand the suffering of the Haitians. What the Ecuadorian military engineers have made is little, but they did it with heart” he concluded.

In the late afternoon, the President Martelly offered a cocktail in honor of President Correa and his staff. The President Correa is the first Head of State in office to visit Haiti since the inauguration of President Martelly.


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