Gardens Grow in Haiti…Revisted!

It was back on May 6, 2011, that we posted about Gardens Grow In Haiti. Personally, I was curious about the results of the project and recently asked the donor of seeds for an update. Here is what Lisa shared:

I hear the harvests were a mixed success. One site has a very talented gardener who has turned a rocky, barren site into a virtual orchard. He’s focusing on growing trees, but he seems to have worked the garden around the trees since they are still pretty small. I don’t have many pics from his site, but what I saw looked wonderful!

The second site had a much less experienced gardener 🙂 and their site seems to be quite wet. She told me the melons grew really well, but they all rotted because the ground was so wet. For next year I’m trying to think of veggies that like wet feet. She said the cabbages did well. She also told me that they were able to harvest from the garden, but I think she might be looking for a new gardener next year!

All you veggie growers, what likes wet feet?

I was so pleased to get a response and have it be a very honest one!
It was suggested that they may need to build raised beds because of the wet situation and also to help with drainage. Good to have sensible advice!


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