New focus for Canadian Construction Association trade school in Haiti

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The Canadian Construction Association’s (CCA) efforts to rebuild Haitian trade school Ecole Lakay have a renewed scope and fundraising plan to make the project a reality.

“We have been challenged to determine what is the best thing to do,” said Pierre Boucher, CCA’s chief operating officer.

The original scope of the project was to rebuild the one-storey school.

The CCA and its partners, by March 2011, had raised $634,000 to meet their original goal.

However, that reality changed as the logistics of constructing the school were explored further and in consultation with Haitian project partners.

École Lakay offered carpentry, cabinetry and electrical installation instruction, before it was devastated by the earthquake.

Besides having an opportunity to learn a trade, students received a hot meal three times a day, clean clothes and a safe place to sleep.

The project now entails the school’s current site to be converted into an entrance to an adjacent site, where the school is to be rebuilt.

The new site is an old swamp and will require a fair amount of excavation and backfill with engineered fill.

There is also hope for the school to be larger, so it can serve up to 150 students, instead of the originally anticipated 80.

The project has gone from repairing a 950 square metre school to constructing a new 2,200 square metre complex.

“New drawings have now been finalized proposing a two-storey building with concrete blocks on the first level and a lightweight steel frame with steel stud infill on the second level.

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