Mapping Haiti

OpenStreetMap provided fantastic map coverage of the worst hit cities of Port-Au-Prince and Carrefour, and the neighbouring countryside thanks to the Haiti earthquake response mapping project.
The maps increased in detail quickly, from this

To this – in only a few days.

Using the free data, OpenStreetMap developers and others around the web have created a set of earthquake map resources in addition to a basic online map. See the basic online map here:

Since the earthquake of January 2010, revisions and consolidation of their work have taken place. Mapping continues to be developed for many purposes. Here you can see a map showing damaged buildings and camps:

There is no shortage of ideas for new maps. Some are interested in developing transit maps, while others work on mapping possible bicycle routes,locations of businesses, cemeteries, health facilities, police, schools and even water pumps around the city.

Here is what one mapper volunteer wrote in September:
… I met several OpenStreetMap volunteers who have made a remarkably innovative and to-the-minute map of Haiti. In only two days, they made the changes shown above. The UN and a handful of others have tapped into OpenStreetMap, but others remain unaware of the data or what can be built on top of it. The lines and shades of an online map are an echo of the real-life situation. I want to develop maps with a new level of detail and perspective, so we can begin to address and change what we see. Some maps you’ll see will be made for and by kids, and others will only make sense to engineers.


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