Building a Mini Resource Center in Croix des Bouquets

During our Christmas visit to Ecole Shalom we hoped to work on a project that would make a difference. We weren’t sure how things would work out of course, but we did find that wood and screws were available as well as many assistants! A site was selected in the computer room that is also shared with art therapy supplies.

A plan was drawn up as well. Little did we know how many times this plan would change!

There were many helpers involved, including the founder of the school, the school handyman and his friends, my husband and son too. At times it was a case of “too many cooks”. Time was of the essence and it was quickly coming to an end…with lots of plans but no shelves installed.

The founder of the school eventually made some decisions and work began on an even grander scale than originally planned.

The workers were all eager to move ahead..after a financial debate with us.

At last the shelves were firmly attached to the walls and installation of materials could begin.

Some new Kreyol books arrived from the Embassy just at the right time and I was able to stamp them and add enough to the small collection that an entire class can now do reading at one time.

My son and I went to several book stores and we managed to find a few more suitable French books for the collection.

Even though exams were taking place, I managed an hour with the teachers to share the new materials with them and whet their appetites for the January term. Fortunately my son had already introduced a sign out system to them before our arrival.

At last I could share some results with the founder of the school!

My husband was happy to be thanked as well.

And this is pretty much how things looked as we were about to leave. Bringing all the materials was a struggle, but in the end, it was all worthwhile!

The ultimate for me will be news of the resource center being used well and often!


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One Response to Building a Mini Resource Center in Croix des Bouquets

  1. Alice Jordon says:

    I’m sure your are happy (but not surprised) to find out the little library is being put to excellent use! You and Ric look great in the pictures–I’m sure you were both a huge help, Thanks for posting these wonderful pictures!

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