Haiti – Education : Réginald Paul took stock on the free school

Haiti – Education : Réginald Paul took stock on the free school

Last Friday, Réginald Paul, the Minister of Education and Vocational Training took stock of 2 months of his ministry, concerning the free access to schools, a priority of President Michel Martelly.

“…today we have a figure that is known by all the world: 903.000 children have free access to education. We have 1,390 national schools that receive 490,000 children. We have eliminated school fees for these schools which was of 100 gourds and the Haitian government is committed to enable national schools to obtain an initial funding of 15,000 gourds to be able to function and accept the children for free.

Now for the non-public schools, 7,484 chools are part of the program and host about 413,000 children.We believe that this figure could increase because there are other data that will be received in January. As you know in our society, there are many parents who have not sent their children to school, either in September or October and who are waiting January, so we will let you know if the numbers change…

For the 7,484 non-public schools […] we have a mechanism in place to fund these schools, so that they welcome children for free […] For there is transparency and to ensure that funds are used for the beneficiaries, we asked the schools to open an account to the Banque Nationale du Crédit (BNC), that is a bank of the State […] Virtually all accounts are now open in all departments. The schools will receive on these accounts, three tranches of payments, depending on the number of children they receive, three tranches of 33%. Currently in 8 departments except the Artibonite and West, all non-public schools have already received on their account, financing […]”

See also:http://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-3742-haiti-education-free-schools-latest-official-details.html


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