Lots of Activity at Croix-des-Bouquets School!

As the school year resumed in January, lots of activity began as well.

Because this was the second anniversary of Haiti’s earthquake, Ecole Shalom/HAC released doves as a symbol for renewal.

Children arrive at their schools…some with newly polished shoes.

The new director of pedagogy at Ecole Shalom has been organizing many things and new volunteers have begun  programs as well. The children now have a library book borrowing schedule which did not exist before. And now, English classes are scheduled for them as well for the first time. Ecole Shalom always taught community English classes in the afternoons for young adults, but now morning classes for the kids have been introduced.

Patricia, a recent volunteer has organized a recycling program and also fenced in the vegetable garden and set up large composting bins. This is a really worthwhile project which I hope the children will share with family and friends too.

Kreyol posters for all to study

Another day a visitor arrived from Finland’s main newspaper to photograph and examine school meal portions around the world.

Last week teachers were asked to reflect on some of the introductions to the school. They responded to questions about OLPC’s laptop learning as well as the library.(https://haitidreams.wordpress.com/2012/01/20/and-so-it-begins/)

OLPC Reflections from each teacher: fall 2011 to spring 2012!

Suggestions were made regarding acquiring more books and teaching materials for math, history and science.

One of the most exciting changes has been brought about by volunteer Mark who is working with Haitians and students from  Baker University (Kansas) to create 4 new classrooms.

Mark finalizing pillars, doors, walls and more...keeping in mind earthquake possibilities

Preparing the site

Rebar arrives

Iron lattice created for cement floors to be poured soon

Attention was paid to protecting key trees.

And so there is visible progress. There’s much more needed, but look how things have changed everywhere in the not so distant past!


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