OLPC visitors in Jamaica

It is early February, 2012, and OLPC community members from Kenya, Haiti, Madagascar and elsewhere gathered in Jamaica to get to know firsthand OLPC schools, their teachers, their parents, their sponsors, their government, and most important Their Children. Early reports back are extremely positive:

Jamaica’s accomplishments and challenges are beyond description. Six of us here are working hard together. The talent is unmatched — an extraordinary reminder of the value of executive clarity, civic media-making, school-mentoring talent – where everyone not only talks about education – but achieves it too!

A photo journal
A wonderful new environment

Providence Methodist Basic School


clean your hands time!

A busy schedule for all to see.


Checking out Laura’s photos

Another school to see…

August Town Primary School staff

The tech support crew

Kids building their own Memorize games

Racine trains teachers at both schools

Mediamaker Mark teaches his craft

Fototoons Lesson

Working with what they’ve learned

Laura presents…

There are many posters and displays…

many topics…

And then the lovely UWI’s amazing Mona Campus

with its very own aqueduct

UWI student population is in fact ~80% female

OLPC Jamaica presentation… Craig concludes.

Everyone gathers to digest the events.

And how do we move forward? Adam and Quentin ponder the big questions.


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2 Responses to OLPC visitors in Jamaica

  1. Sameer Verma says:

    Did you know that the Mona campus used to house a “Sugar” mill? Coincidence? I think not 🙂

    • I didn’t know that but am not surprised. Thanks for the information!
      We visited a sugar Museum in Port-au-Prince at Christmas time.

      (I’m slow…but finally made the Sugar connection!)

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