by Greta Van Susteren

….Just recently, a contribution was made to Samaritans Purse so that Samaritans Purse could purchase 100 computers for the orphan children. This will open doors for those kids – giving them a chance that they would not otherwise have. I don’t need to tell you how important learning is or what opportunities can be realized with a computer.

What kind of computers? The XO. It is a very, very special computer – and very durable since kids are not known to be that careful with things. Here are some pics of my assistant with the XO computer …plus click on the link below to read stories about the XO. The XO is literally all over the world and changing lives every second! The computer is under $250 but it sure packs a punch and can do everything! The XO computer idea is quite remarkable. The computers are also given directly to the children so that the children actually OWN them. Owning something, and taking pride in it, is important to children – especially children who have nothing.

Read more:

Link to XO stories:

An organized and sustainable implementation of the XO program will be needed in Haiti to make this program a success.


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3 Responses to ONE LAPTOP PER CHILD in Haiti

  1. Alice Jordon says:

    Samaritans Purse is one of my favorite charities. Bravo for them!

  2. Dee Dee Schmidt says:

    I think it is a fabulous idea, b u t what happens when the battery dies after 2 days?

  3. We think this is a great idea also.
    To respond to your question, first of all, these laptops will be in an orphanage situation with power access, so recharging would be no problem. Yes, the batteries need re-charging often, after about 2-4 hours of use.
    Secondly, there is sporadic grid power in Haiti, usually at night. Laptops are recharged overnight for use in classrooms in the morning.
    At Ecole Shalom in Croix-des-Bouquets, volunteers have set up a generator for re-charging the laptops in the daytime.
    In some areas, solar panels have been installed to help with the power situation.

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