Haitian Premier Says Loss of Support Led Him to Quit

….Mr. Conille — who by law remains in office until his successor, not yet named, takes over — insisted that his overall relationship with Mr. Martelly was positive, and he said he was anguished that his departure might further disrupt Haiti’s dragging recovery from an earthquake in January 2010. Half a million people are still living in tents, and many international donors and investors are skittish as political instability continues.

But it was also clear that his style of taking stock, making careful plans and keeping the books straight clashed with Mr. Martelly’s resolve to show the public quick results, Mr. Conille said. He also represented the diplomatic establishment, political analysts have said, at a time when Mr. Martelly and his ministers are increasingly emphasizing foreign investment over aid.

They broke on many issues, but most recently over an investigation by the Haitian Parliament into whether senior government officials held dual nationality, a violation of the Constitution that would disqualify them from their jobs.
Mr. Conille, a physician who had worked for former President Bill Clinton in the United Nations’ special office for Haiti, said he took pride in helping the country make progress. That included clearing some camps, helping set up a new industrial park in the north, filling vacancies on the Supreme Court, breaking ground on a new hospital and setting the stage for more private investment.

“So many positive things are going on,” he said.
Mr. Conille said he recognized the toll of instability. But he made no apologies for his decision or his deliberative approach, despite growing public impatience.

“We had to take stock and organize,” he said, “while making sure we address urgent issues.”

Read more: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/02/26/world/americas/haiti-premier-defends-decision-to-resign.html


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