University of Delaware senior creates English to Creole translator for XO laptops

Article by Janie Sikes

March 23, 2012–Eric McGinnis doesn’t like to play games; rather, he likes to create them. During the fall of his junior year at the University of Delaware, McGinnis took a course called CISC 374, Educational Games Development.

Through the course he had the opportunity to create learning games for children that could be deployed on XO laptops, small green and white laptop computers developed by the nonprofit organization One Laptop per Child, which aims to create educational opportunities for the world’s poorest children. The laptops were loaded with games created by UD students, including Math Adder, an application that teaches math concepts through game play.

Earlier this month while on a service trip to Haiti, McGinnis developed an English to Creole tutor application to help Haitian women send emails and communicate in English, in collaboration with UD Prof. Lori Pollock and Richard Burns, a graduate research assistant.

Eric McGinnis (right) has created an English to Creole translator for use by Haitian students.

The trip, March 7-12, was part of an effort to foster learning among women and children in remote areas of Haiti coordinated between UD’s Department of Computer and Information Sciences and the University of North Carolina Charlotte, along with two nonprofit organizations: Waveplace Foundation and Mothering Across Continents (MAC).

“The girls seemed to really like the Creole application on my iPhone, and I was definitely seeing improvement in their pronunciations and vocabulary even in the limited amount of time that they used it,” McGinnis said.

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  1. Alice Jordon says:

    How wonderful!

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