Celebrating with Pawol Jen Yo (Youth Speaks)

On March 16th, the awards celebration for the Pawol Jen Yo (Youth Speaks) artisanal competition took place at Institution Mixte Bernoulli in Croix-des-Bouquets. It is thanks to the leadership and effort of Jean-Ruben Magloire that this event achieved great success and affected hundreds of school children and their families and friends. Twenty schools in the area participated and the general public came as well to celebrate and hear the winners speak and accept their awards.

Many of the youth and volunteers wore handsome new shirts celebrating the occasion.

The excitement built as the day progressed and everyone wanted to discover who the top winners were!

At last Monsieur Magloire announced the first prize winner. Dorlean Marc Scheuder, from Ecole Presbytérale de la Saint Enfance, received a laptop for his Camion Métallique, a detailed truck with moving parts.

A close-up shot of the finely detailed vehicle.

The top three winners posed for the cameras: (left to right) JEAN Fils Emmanuel from La Maison des Aigles was the winner of a bicycle, Dorlean Marc Scheuder, and Pierre Richard from Istitution de Formation E. St Lot was the winner of a camera.

There was such talent that 4th, 5th, and 6th prizes were also given!
4th: MERVIL Kerby

5th: VALCIN Dienie

6th: Merilus Christopher M.

Twelve more worthy participants also earned consolation prizes.
Special thanks to Laura de Reynal for her photography skills!


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