Mirebalais Hospital Set to Open in March

The Mirebalais University Hospital in Haiti will open in March, according to US-based healthcare organization Partners in Health.

The $17 million, 300-bed national public teaching hospital has already completed construction. It is Partners in Health’s largest undertaking to date, according to a release.

(Photo: PIH)

The project is also being powered by 1,800 solar panels — producing 100 percent of the hospital’s energy needs during peak hours and bringing surplus energy back into Haiti’s grid.

It is a joint initiative of PIH and its partner organization in Haiti, Zanmi Lasante.

The latter is the first agreement of its kind with Haiti’s Electricite d’Haiti utility, according to PIH.

At its peak, the hospital should employ up to 800 local staff in Haiti, providing primary care services for almost 185,000 in the Mirebalais area.

The organization is also continuing to work to fight the spread of cholera in Haiti; In December, Partners in Health Co-Founder Dr Paul Farmer was appointed to lead the United Nations’ anti-cholera efforts in the country.

By the Caribbean Journal staff


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2 Responses to Mirebalais Hospital Set to Open in March

  1. djika58@gmail.com says:

    Mwen kontan tande ke y’ap ouvri yon novo lopital paske Ayiti bezwen sa. Men sa li plis bezwen se edike moun yo. Li ta bon si yo ta fe semine pou travaye lopital la, pou fe yo knonnen ke tout pasyan gen dwa a premye swen paske mwen we twop moun mouri an Ayiti paske yo pa gen lajan. Kote si ke yo te jwen premye swen yo te kapab toujou vivan.

  2. gardenbug says:

    Merci pour notre premiere réponse en Kreyòl ayisyen!

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