images During Today’s Council of Ministers, a weekly event, Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe learned that  the government has been mislead on basic, important facts, with regard to President Martelly’s effort to give each child an education.
He received a report that some schools, for example, were reporting 250 students, while they actually served much fewer than 100. By doing so, these institutions collected State funds for 250,  while teaching far fewer. The criminal schools then pocketed the State funds for the Zombi students. Vanneur Pierre, Minister of Education, observed that a large number of schools opened when people learned about the cash available for each student absorbed under the Martelly plan. Even as the ministers discussed this, Prime Minister Lamothe   created a committee to investigate the crime, directing several ministers to supply elements to the team and directing the Minister of Finance to provide the required funding for a successful operation..  Antoine Atouriste’s anti-corruption groups was put in motion. All of this within 20 minutes of opening the discussion on the situation. In past government, the problem would be taken “under advisement” and then be forgotten.

Read more: http://www.haitian-truth.org/obvious-fraud-in-education-lamothe-is-an-action-person-and-creates-instant-committee-to-deal-with-problem-give-immediate-report-february-20-2013/



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