Preparing for the Next Haiti Trip

“They” are leaving next week and are presently gathering necessities. I, the mother,  am reading about contacts, writing to Haitian friends, wondering if they have new small cameras to record progress, and so on. I have only visited twice, but I am jealous of this next opportunity.

Selecting projects where “OLPC training” has traction is key, such that kids’ projects are unleashed, rather than just hyped. The main Haiti work in March will be community training at Child in Hand orphanage(s) I’ll be discussing in coming weeks.

Alongside this core work, other great OLPC projects in Haiti may be visited in March, including 2 I’ll mention below.

The Ganthier provincial government gave the Foundation for Peace five acres of land in the center of the Ganthier commune (county) on which to build classrooms for the linguistics and vocational schools (blue highlighted portions); buildings between the classroom buildings will be for administration and a cafeteria. The plan has a community center including a water purification system to serve 8 surrounding communities and an internet cafe (yellow highlight), guesthouse (pink highlight), and chapel (green highlight). They chose this central location to facilitate opportunities for the 82,000 people living in the commune. Therefore we have embarked on our biggest project yet, the construction of an advanced educational complex …planned to be the best in all of eastern Haiti.




Samaritan’s Purse has another OLPC project which they hope to visit in March. The Greta Home and Academy is currently home to 48 boys and 25 girls.


Some amazing photography at the new Greta Home and Acadamy can be viewed here.


There is very hard work ahead. Although it is touching that so many volunteers want to be a part of the excitement, too many people “invading Haiti” are not a help. I wish them the very best and hope they will have a few moments to share photos with us as they focus on their tasks.


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