This Week in Haiti

Monday Morning, March 18, 2013

East of Croix-des-Bouquets there is a school on a hill which was visited by volunteers on Monday, March 18th. This is College Frere Dumay, created by Mme Wongglère. There are 185 children who come from nearby on foot. Volunteers and staff visited the site and familiarized themselves with the students and the surroundings.

On Tuesday through Friday afternoons, from 1-5pm, 18 bright kids from Pastor Silar’s orphanage (ORAEDH) and 2 from David’s Home (where 20 children reside 1 mile to the SouthEast of ORAEDH) will participate in guided exploration with the XO laptop. While there (at College Frere Dumay) the Child In Hand organization offered this school $500 to try to attach it to Haiti’s electrical grid.

Visitors arrive along with soccer balls.8571283592_22803faf20

Checking out the new buildings8571287766_9698e05947




Mark gets acquainted easily by taking out his camera. 8570185063_05dfcf0ce2


Junior brought along a couple of laptops to show the children. WOW!8570188921_e0a434ec96



Elisabeth shows off laptops as well.8570186839_8de9cde9c2


Both Junior and Elisabeth charmed the kids!


Child in Hand has six partners in the Port-au-Prince area.

Three of these are both orphanages and schools:

1. ORAEDH, with 66 children nights and 150-160 additional students mornings.

2. Foyer Evangelique, with about 40 children.

3. Village Solidarité, with 68 total children mornings and about 21 overnight.

David’s Home is strictly an orphanage and cares for 20 children.

L’Arbrisseau just N of Croix-des-Bouquets is strictly a school serving 300+ kids and Frere Dumay College on the hill just east of Croix-des-Bouquet  is also a school only, with 185 kids.


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