The Workshop: Days 3 and 4

On Thursday and Friday of last week, Bill Stelzer was asked to teach some skills before he had to leave Haiti. Bill helped the students with their photo techniques, teaching them things like when it is best to use close up shots versus mid range and distance shots. They got lots of practice and focused on learning “Tuxpaint”. On Friday they learned the “Paint” program built into the XO, then brought photos they took in “Record” and painted on them as well. They took those photos into “Fototoons”.

Fortunately there were progress shots taken to share with us! These cover several days. Junior and Elisabeth continued to do a great deal of teaching as well.


This is Bill demonstrating techniques with his laptop.8580998141_48c68d959b

Elisabeth points out details…8582096786_c0ddaf3a67

Drawing and painting0kl6TxDVUelSfO6mk5fS4NiIQ4CtD4YXrrRO5ofT06M

There seems to be a very young but attentive audience…CNVm2bzAxDssb48Wk_4IyK3LEaK1JqNjp6oYPIVKpyw

Elisabeth is acting out a possible scene with a smileUc4u06cXfxobeVhFrLy71_UHmNkL2JPjFWxR7_roCUk

Hard at workuy_mSeez1h5-lT9T4KtYJKotXD2sIQ3kFXefWgAr3TM




A cartoon book on hand with ideasfN6I-V-BzSZcYq8dpFLwJgj3rRUld6VZSdjdCPF10m0





Mark continues to critique and offer guidancewob0JSF6i2w5TWh9EQ-uvv4XsVxAEZAYNXnqXemW8Fo

He acts out postures for them to use in their work…nOVTYDzL4Gk-8za257BVmiOa4fRnL36oL2RUhTFcUwE

Pride in his accomplishment!XhjG2Sjgvsa70tzTSMVThjBT6KTX5CIoFFVAl6Czxy4

xm4vcYgdjA7l1gtWDj4IWspKUSk3kuapU-s7aV7_gw4I think I see a colorful flower garden growing on this screen…YanGv3IWe-XBk-U1tFSou4kxpu6y6v_djGYqyLtj54o

Very serious and focused…YHG3Ko-ZPEsAYwcW2lTZV7ZOGx5JYjOfT0IZl_BuxdM

Such concentration!zReaemL11eUYynFbK64y_V6PpwB3DLscLym8clReXeU

Elisabeth has them clapping. I bet they are singing as well!Oe89I0vKjCvu0HyEzTqzFPabRI1ozg3KGTLiUuP3KV8

Do you see the speech “balloons” in the different photographs?oV3hCUuFIS_7PbMtEr0cRkDCcrrgWROdyW85LgVdZRw

Junior encourages the students to share their work with everyone! Bravo!QLckIdE-6rNZITRijt5CypL398O_Xemt-4EPuT1gpc0

As the final day comes to a close, awards are given out. The students are given solar panels to help them continue their hard earned skills beyond the four day workshop. Adam thanks them all, as do Silar and the entire team.bT5ETjoJ7jdDk1TCVC3YCGVXDhfBf0wSyqjCJRqEy7g

k22zTOFPmMooyLtr6KwP3GjPB0N0UaaYiOJxlrjNAr4 nBKcXPkr5hhMvfN73wTwpM3nnA_bzxXJcOdRQVtqzZE TWKKDmzvDyLPDf1ukSsFaKJiQnv_OgHIwn98XR12FTw XhILF0PM9PKvKFMBzYBE6ykxLa5qdn5iucTXAD-v9nc



KYmWku64wQGc5VqA1l8Uo1rCVckvVgDTBSFpXU3bkww 0GAPOp4jLLb2fvmBdJsQMJsqP_mfhSXVE8UoeJGJnLA

While all the lessons were taking place, there was George working in the background to equip Silar’s site with electricity. Success on all fronts!8581015763_c1858b5bd48581012495_44830ce7df


There were many willing hands that made this very successful workshop possible. Thank you to each and every one!

Another workshop is planned for next week in a different location, so do “stay tuned”!


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