Haitian Colors in Transit

A Haitian Art Exhibit at the Logan International Airport – Jan 2013- April 2013  (http://hauboston.blogspot.ca/2013/01/haitian-colors-in-transit.html)
The Haitian Artists Assembly of Massachusetts (HAAM) is pleased to collaborate with the U.S. Fund for UNICEF and the Massachusetts Port Authority to bring to New England: Haitian Colors in Transit. This exhibition follows the series “When Our Brushes Shook” organized by HAAM after the 2010 Haiti earthquake to support the artists in Jacmel and showcase their response to the crisis. The exhibit features renewed aspirations, dreams, new horizons embraced by Haitian artists from Massachusetts, and from the city of Jacmel, Haiti. The artwork displays a wide range of artistic styles and participants from Veteran artist Valentin Iviqel, at 77 the dean of the Haitian Artists Assembly to Herold Alvares, who having lost his arms as a young man, continues to paint using his toes and his lips to manipulate his brushes.  Through Haitians Colors in Transit, organizers hope to help travelers discover for the first time another face of Haiti — the Haiti of beauty, creativity and projection to the future.  After viewing this exhibit, travelers might also be inspired to travel to Haiti and discover the roots of such creativity, the magic world these pieces depict and the proverbial resilience and hospitality of the Haitian people.


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Visit the website: www.haamarts.org


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