Haiti rebuilding: Who designed Morne a Cabri?

Posted by Greg Higgins on December 21, 2012

Photo: UCLPB

Photo: Haiti Grassroots Watch/Evens Louis

These two photos can be found in an impressive piece of investigative journalism prepared by Haiti Grassroots Watch (HGW or Ayiti Kale Je), titled: “The Morne à Cabri Mystery Houses”.

HGW reports that this development, 10km east of Port-au-Prince and in the middle of nowhere, will eventually include 3000 of these “tiny” square concrete pillboxes.  To get some perspective on what 3000 might look like, all in rows, a mere 178 units are visible in the top photo.

Presumably the project is designed to house Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) – aka Haitians living in tent camps. HGW’s astounding report asks a slew of unanswered questions, including such basic things as: “Who owns the land?  What is the budget?  Who is overseeing the development?”

Who on earth designed this deplorable complex?  HGW describes it as being located in a “quasi-desert”.  It looks to me like some kind of internment camp, or a strange penitentiary where each inmate is housed in a stand alone cell.

How one goes about describing Morne à Cabri is not difficult: desolate, brutal, rigidly uniform and repetitious, culturally inappropriate and devoid of style.  Recall all the talk about the importance of people centered reconstruction soon after Haiti’s calamitous quake.  What happened?

Read more:http://haitirewired.wired.com/profiles/blogs/haiti-rebuilding-who-designed-morne-a-cabri

My own questions:

Are there medical services?

Are there  water sources?

Are there areas for growing food?

Are there schools (books, paper, library), churches, meeting places, shops?

What of waste management?


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