MIT and Haiti sign agreement to promote Kreyòl-language STEM education

Very good news indeed for all of you who have always believed that  one of
the problems in the Haitian education system is that Haitian students,
although they all speak and understand perfectly Haitian Creole, their mother
tongue, are learning in a language, French, that is not their first
language and they don’t understand it. Now this is going to change. Thanks  to
linguistics professor Michel DeGraff, a new partnership between the State
of Haiti and MIT will develop a collaboration between the two institutions.                                                                       Hugues Saint-Fort

Laurent Lamothe added: “The most productive partnership for Haiti [is] about empowering Haitians to fly with their own wings.”

MIT and Haiti sign agreement to promote Kreyòl-language STEM educationFrom left to right: MIT Director of Digital Learning Vijay Kumar, MIT Provost Chris Kaiser, Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, MIT Linguistics Professor Michel DeGraff and Haiti Minister of National Education and Vocational Training Vanneur Pierre at the signing of a joint commitment to an initiative in digital learning initiatives in Kreyòl.
Photo: Dominick Reuter

“The initiative is meant not to replace French, DeGraff added, but to help Kreyòl-speaking students “build a solid foundation in their own language.”

The technology-based open education resources, he noted, are meant to promote “active learning,” as opposed to drill-based rote learning techniques.

The initiative will be funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation and by MIT.”




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