Memories of a Duvalier Massacre, 50 Years Later

"Today is the 50th anniversary of one of the bloodiest days of
Duvalierist rule in Haiti. In this article for The Progressive Magazine,
Edwidge Danticat unpicks the memories and explains why =E2=80=93 with
victims of Jean-Claude Duvalier currently testifying in Port-au-Prince
the past is still not history."

Haiti, April 26, 1963

Ann sonje viktim yo.
Ann aprann sa k te pase.
Ann kenbe rasin memwa nou.

Let us remember the victims.
Let us learn what happened.
Let us keep the roots of our memory alive.

“Marking the 50th anniversary of one of the bloodiest and senseless days of the Duvalier dictatorship,” she says, “will be for so many of us, a day of collective catharsis. While the young have never been told, while so many older Haitians have chosen to forget, while some politicians are now attempting to rewrite history, and while the charges against Jean Claude Duvalier are still pending, I hope that the voices of those saying ‘never again’ will this time be heard.”

Edwidge Danticat was born in Haiti and currently lives in Miami. Her next novel, Claire of the Sea Light, will be published in August 2013.



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