School Server Community Edition: Toronto Hack Sprint Begins!

This week the School Server community team ( assembled at the farm once again. Getting volunteer entrepreneurs to work together face to face has been a very effective way of advancing their open-source server for developing world schools. This being their 4th hack sprint/summit since Sept 2012.


Volunteers arrived at staggered times from far and wide. One even dials in at 2PM each day from India as he prepares to deploy this work in the village of Bhagmalpur.


This time Braddock Gaskill (founder of arrived all the way from LA to integrate Wikipedia, Khan Academy, Open Street Map, and Gutenberg Project books, empowering the world’s poorest schools with the highest-quality free learning content. Their free software (XS Community Edition) works on OLPC’s XO laptops, traditional servers, and soon on this year’s much-hyped $25 Raspberry Pi computer.

They unpacked their affairs and moved the furniture into working formation near electric outlets.




Settling down to work…





Food and coffee always on hand…


Wires, wires, wires…


Support Staff


Some necessary tools



Lots of work and food and chatter — and growing progress as the weekend continues…

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