June 4, 2013


The Aristide Plan is a two-step one that sees Lamothe removed, leaving Martelly highly vulnerable. In fact, had Aristide been successful today, he believed that Martelly would be an easy target.  Aristide believed he could derail Martelly around school-opening time.

Now that Prime Minister Lamothe has survived, he must be allowed to select a new and effective Cabinet made up of people who can do the job and not those who are friends of the government. We are in a time of crisis and consideration must be given to select on the basis of ability, and nothing else.


As Senator Moise Jean-Charles said, during the day, more attention should be focused upon planting things to meet the hunger challenge.

Education and Security were President Martelly’s original promises and he should spend some of his attention on making these promises come true.

The first day, of the new approach, should start tomorrow and be aimed at making the last three years of the Martelly presidency a special one.

The past is past.

The future is what counts and we should waste no more time on stupid arguments.

As someone once said: “Let he who hath no sin cast the first stone…”

Everyone, in this game, is guilty of something.

Let’s all pull together and help Laurent Lamothe make a success of the next three years.

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