Computer Club at Mission of Hope (Grand Goave)

These are school holidays and it is hurricane season. It is mighty hot as well! But Computer Club marches on thanks to Junior and Elisabeth’s guidance.

Computer Club News from Renee

We had an enthusiastic week with the computer club, as Junior put in some extra days with them.  We are looking forward to getting some projects going with them soon, as Sora and James (I understand they are INCREDIBLE young volunteers from One Laptop per Child!) will be spending a week working with the club to create projects that can be shared in a blog.  I dream of these computer club kids one day developing a school newspaper!

July23-2013HaitiDreamsLots of planning has taken place to prepare for this trip by Sora and James. I listened in on a planning session today for 2 hours or so! (Marie Holt)

I thought you might also enjoy reading about  the chair situation!


We’re having trouble sitting.  Our chairs and benches get a LOT of use!  We are currently working on reupholstering a few dozen chairs.  We’ve put a request before the church, asking each member to donate a bench.  We will be repairing/painting our school benches and putting them into the new classrooms, as we prepare for the new school year opening in September.

Recovering our chairs

These require reupholstering

I think Nathan's trying to tell us something!

Nathan is trying to tell us something!



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