“they need everything”

In Haiti, Danbury doctors find, “they need everything”

Robert Miller

….In all these mission, Jarrett assembles a team of doctors and nurses to spend about a week abroad. Each team, while caring for the people in host country hospitals, emphasizes best medical practices while working with local doctors.

In other countries, a Hearts Around the World team might include 10 to a dozen people, with a team visiting the country twice a year.

In Haiti, Jarrett said, the conditions on the ground are so hard, and the care so basic, Hearts Around the World has had to change its model. The group plans to send smaller teams there more often.

“We want to go every two months,” Jarrett said. “They need everything.”
“The people there are so kind, so grateful, so welcoming,” Broderick said. “The staff is so eager to learn anything they can.”

Read more here: http://www.newstimes.com/local/article/In-Haiti-Danbury-doctors-find-they-need-4726872.php#photo-5019782


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