Day 7: This Trip’s Last Day at Mission of Hope

It is Wednesday, September 4th, and we are to give a live video “Hangout” presentation from the rooftop of the new school building at Mission of Hope in Grand-Goâve, Haiti. Pretty exciting! It’s risky whether or not the connections will work, but we are a pretty confident bunch 🙂

As it turns out, things went quite well! HURRAY!  You can watch most of us here:

While the guys were being interviewed, I personally was occupied with packing up 230 laptops with several other people.  As the morning came to an end, Jeanide came to ask me to come with her for a surprise. I went with her to the classroom where I discovered that they had worked on craft projects after finishing their laptop work! We decided to decorate the Missionary Room with the sparkly art work! They were so proud and happy and several kids wanted to photograph the display with their laptop cameras!

Sept4-2013ArtWork2Sept4-2013ArtWorkSept4-2013ArtWork3Sept4-2013art2 Sept4-2013art3 Sept4-2013art4 Sept4-2013art5 Sept4-2013art6 Sept4-2013art7 Sept4-2013art8 Sept4-2013art9After lunch I discovered that men were working hard on installing a fancy new protective gate. It seems to take an entire village to complete this project. I counted ten men. Lots of hammering, drilling and banging going on as they worked.

Sept4-2013InstallGates Sept4-2013InstallGates2 Sept4-2013InstallGates3It certainly will be handsome when completed!

Someone had also started sprucing up a stash of old chairs:Sept4-2013RefurbishingChairsNearby Renée has planted a border of very attractive plants.

Sept4-2013Plants1Isn’t this a lovely wall though?Sept4-2013DecorativeWallI love the textures hereSept4-2013Plants2Sept4-2013Plants3Children periodically pass by collecting potable water at the compound.
Sept4-2013CollectingWater1 Sept4-2013CollectingWater2

For the three o’clock XO (Computer) Club, Adam was finally freed up enough to conduct a class on laptop repairs. It is always a treat for me to observe him teaching. He’s a born teacher and loves the kids to boot. He deserved this chance to teach after his very hard push to bring things together technically.

He began by letting the kids discover that the laptops he had brought were “sick” and needed a doctor. They were going to be the doctors and work together to perform surgery and repair them. There weren’t that many groups, perhaps 10 children in all, which made this lesson possible. There are lots of small parts that need keeping track of! Four tiny tiny screws, and four larger ones to keep an eye on. And there were screw drivers which everyone was eager to put to use! (Small hands and fingers do not mean a gentle touch!)

Setting up class (conducted in French)Sept4-2013ARHClass1Boys can do it too. 😉Sept4-2013ARHClass3 Sept4-2013ARHClass4Sept4-2013ARHClass7The next step…Sept4-2013ARHClass8Sept4-2013ARHClass9Why isn’t it working?Sept4-2013ARHClass10Smart child observes that the battery is not inserted! Hahahaha!Sept4-2013ARHClass11 Sept4-2013ARHClass12Curious friends assemble…Sept4-2013ARHClass13Sept4-2013ARHClass14Quality Control: did they do a proper job of it? YES!Sept4-2013ARHClass15Did this group do it well too? Yes indeed!Sept4-2013ARHClass16Each team gets to select a sticker for its efforts.Sept4-2013ARHClass17Well done everyone!

Early Thursday morning, before breakfast, I listen to the sound of the waves and watch the fishing boats on the water. A soothing reward for a rather frantic week!

Sept5-2013MOHIbeach Sept5-2013MOHIbeach2 Sept5-2013MOHIbeach3 Sept5-2013MOHIbeach4And then it’s off to Port-au-Prince by tap tap transport for a light lunch and on to Silar’s for about 4 more hours of work on their digital library server. This is when things at last came together.


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One Response to Day 7: This Trip’s Last Day at Mission of Hope

  1. Alice Jordon says:

    This is all very interesting. Love your thank you red flower! Interesting about the kids fixing the computers. Good for Adam!

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