Favorite photos of students from Grand Goave

Looking back on some of my favorites… The students at Mission of Hope, Grand Goâve

Sept15-2013Bracelets2Sept15-2013BraceletsSept15-2013ConcentrationExpressive teacherSept15-2013ExpressiveTeacherScience e-book in Creole: Night and DaySept15-2013FequiereScience-BookPerforming an Interview for the Computer ClubSept15-2013InterviewDemoDrawing and Painting by a teacherSept15-2013JeanideArtworkBuddiesSept15-2013PalsPerhaps they’re looking up a map for a bike trip?Sept15-2013Pals2My new friend loves flowers!Sept15-2013Portrait-of-a-young-friendHanging out together at the beachSept15-2013WalkBeachNew things to explore on the laptops!Sept15-2013Welcome-to-ExploreConcentrationSept16-2013FavoritePhotos1Working and playing togetherSept16-2013FavoritePhotos2Testing the solidity of their repair job- with smilesSept16-2013FavoritePhotos4Helping each otherSept16-2013FavoritePhotos6Sept16-2013FavoritePhotos7Interviewing Indy-dog’s ownerSept15-2013PhotoOp2Sept16-2013FavoritePhotos20Sept16-2013FavoritePhotos24Sept16-2013FavoritePhotos8A sense of humor always helps!Sept16-2013FavoritePhotos9 Sept16-2013FavoritePhotos10Off to conduct InterviewsSept16-2013FavoritePhotos25Waiting for the MayorSept13-2013WaitingForMayorWaiting for an interview at the bookstoreSept15-2013About-to-conduct-an-interviewUsing spare moments wiselySept16-2013FavoritePhotos21Sept16-2013FavoritePhotos22Purple shoesSept16-2013FavoritePhotos23Such fun kids!


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Gardener, knitter, wife, mother of 2, grandmother, and lots more.
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2 Responses to Favorite photos of students from Grand Goave

  1. Alice Jordon says:

    These are wonderful pictures Marie. Thanks for sharing!

  2. kevix says:

    yeah. great. you can the enjoyment they take in the xos.

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