Dominicans of Haitian Descent Cast Into Legal Limbo by Court

The saga continues…

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic — For generations, people of Haitian descent have been an inextricable part of life here, often looked at with suspicion and dismay, but largely relied on all the same to clean rooms, build things cheaply and provide the backbreaking labor needed on the country’s vast sugar plantations.

Now, intensifying a long and furious debate over their place in this society, the nation’s top court has declared that the children of undocumented Haitian migrants — even those born on Dominican soil decades ago — are no longer entitled to citizenship, throwing into doubt the status of tens of thousands of people here who have never known any other national identity.

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One Response to Dominicans of Haitian Descent Cast Into Legal Limbo by Court

  1. stan chaz says:

    SHAME. These callous, racist actions of the Dominican Republic government against people of Haitian descent are truly shameful. And even more shameful are the un-Christian rantings of Archbishop Rodriquez, who wholeheartedly embraced this ruling. He sounds like a lowlife politician rather than a compassionate man of God. I truly believe that this is the Government’s doing, not the mixed mosaic that is the Dominican people. But perhaps someone , in turn, should investigate the faked birth certificates of Dominicans who -masquerading as Puerto Ricans- come to the United States seeking a better life. Seeking to escape the hopelessness and corruption of the Dominican Republic regime. I don’t necessarily begrudge them that all too human impulse. But I do find it both ironic and shameful that their country would -in turn- deny Haitians who have resided there for years, and even the innocent children of Haitians born on Dominican soil, the same chance to live a better life. This cruel ruling will create a huge minority of second-class, non-citizen, stateless semi-slaves. The Dominican Republic will surely reap the unpleasant consequences in the years to come. It will reap the bitter fruits of what it now sows…

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