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The following is a story about One Laptop per Child Canada and the work with which one woman, Jennifer Martino, has been involved. As you read of the accomplishments, think about “the cup being half full” in your country’s educational situation. Bring on enthusiasm and not defeatism.

Good news from Canada’s aboriginal communities

By: Star Columnist, Published on Sun Dec 15 2013

On some of Canada’s most remote reserves, aboriginal kids with 21st century tools are thriving.

Dec17-2013HaitiDreams1Courtesy of Jennifer Martino: Grade 3 students at the O.K. School in northern Manitoba work on a computer provided by One Laptop Per Child Canada. The school now ranks second in Canada and 49th in the world on standardized math tests

In the past year, Jennifer Martino has been to Attawapiskat three times. She has been to Nelson House, a Cree Community 800 kilometres north of Winnipeg; Rankin Inlet in Nunavut; Whitewood in Saskatchewan and Nain in Labrador.

She has so much good news it comes spilling out. In some of the most isolated aboriginal communities in Canada, people are finding local solutions to intractable problems. On some of the poorest reserves in the North, kids are thriving.

“If Canadians could see what is going on, it would change their perspective,” she says.

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