A one-week ultimatum to the government of Laurent Salvador Lamothe Concerning Ile a Vache Island

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Jan8-2014HaitiDreamsIIleAVache(French to English…with the help of Google Translate)
P -au- P , 07 Jan 2014 [ AlterPresse ] — Inhabitants (both men and women) of Ile à Vache ( South ) this Monday, Jan. 6, 2014 , launched a one-week ultimatum to the government of Laurent Salvador Lamothe to wave its dreams to create a ” tourist destination on Ile à Vache ” learns AlterPresse .

” In case the government does not announce in a week ( 14 January 2014 at the latest) , the withdrawal of the project around the Ile à Vache , we will begin a new phase in our engagement ,” asserts one of the protesters to AlterPresse.

The protestor would not specify the form of the new phase of mobilization against the proposed project on the Ile à Vache . It reports anonymous phone calls and death threats received by the leaders of the movement.

The Departmental Unit for the Maintenance of Order ( UDMO ) have even planned to arrest protesters during the last protest on the island. But impassable roads would have discouraged this, said a protester to AlterPresse .

The possible expulsion from their land , which could lead the project to modernization of the island, explains the discontent of the people of Ile à Vache who have expressed their anger on the island , including the Friday, December 27, 2013 and Friday 3 January 2014.

Several days following the most recent demonstration, the magistrate of Cayes/Ile a Vache, Jean Fenel Tanis, would have forbidden all forms of protest on the island.

A few days after the most recent event, the magistrate Cayes / Ile à Vache , Jean Fenel Tanis , would have prohibited any form of manifestation on the island


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