Half-packed and headed for Haiti

By Curt Thompson

We found a few things we thought the kids might like

Tomorrow night, Chiharu (blog here (Japanese)) and I will head for Haiti to meet up with a few other Unleashers carrying a couple cameras, a few gifts, and the hope that we’ll be able to finish all of our projects in the short time we’re there.  On the agenda for our trip, other than meeting and greeting of various schools’ teachers and volunteers, includes fixing the solar charge controller at James Murdza’s Ferrier School, setting up XSCE School Server with Internet-in-a-Box for a school in Cazeu (with Hope for Haiti’s Children) and assisting in the One Laptop per Child XO deployment at Saint Andre’s Episcopal School in Hinche.

The charge controller and accessories we'll be installing at Ferrier

The charge controller and accessories we’ll be installing at Ferrier

We’re extremely excited to meet everybody, especially Junior, who has been coordinating with Unleash Kids for quite a while now.  If at all possible, I plan to be posting daily updates here, so stay tuned for more information.  Quite sadly, it looks like we won’t make it to “Sora’s School,” Project Rive, in Ansapit this time.  If you have a moment, it’s worth checking out the Project Rive blog here.

By the way, it’s been a while since we’ve done a Google Hangout, wouldn’t you say? ;)


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