A Look at Abortion in Haiti

Port-au-Prince, HAITI, 12 December 2013 – Despite the fact that it is illegal, abortion is common in Haiti.

A pharmacy on Monsignor Guilloux Street in downtown Port-au-Prince.
Photo: HGW/ Marc Schindler St-Val
Since last May, when he topic of abortion was brought to the fore, the debate has often focused on proclamations about motherhood and women’s duties. HGW decided to undertake an investigation into the reality of abortion in Haiti, in the hopes that in the future, the debate might be based on fact rather than mythology.


The debate on the possible legalization of abortion is very contentious. Statements of all sorts have been made in the press since last May, when the MSPP launched the debate over possible legalization. But the controversy is inevitable and necessary, according to Minister Dr. Guillaume.

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