Day 1 with Unleash Kids in Haiti

This first day of work began at the Cazeau Christian Elementary School & Orphanage, located near the Port-au-Prince Airport. A group from Unleash Kids!, comprised of about five people, walked from the guest house to the site for their first walk-about. Here you see some street scenes as they approach the school where they will be working.

Jan18-2014Day1Haiti1Jan18-2014Day1Haiti3Jan18-2014Day1Haiti5Jan18-2014Day1Haiti2 Jan18-2014Day1Haiti4And then the tour began, greeting the staff, visiting the classrooms and of course the kids. The techies also looked at options for Internet-in-a-Box and School Server integration.Jan18-2014Day1Haiti26The teaching areas are separated by temporary walls.Jan18-2014Day1Haiti6A large useful area, likely for church services mainly.Jan18-2014Day1Haiti7The outdoor walled courtyard, a play area.Jan18-2014Day1Haiti8 A place to store things: extra mattresses and materialsJan18-2014Day1Haiti9.5Sora has taught herself Creole and so gets to socialize more intimately with the children.Jan18-2014Day1Haiti9 Jan18-2014Day1Haiti10 Jan18-2014Day1Haiti11Jan18-2014Day1Haiti12Time to check out the battery backup.Jan18-2014Day1Haiti15Climbing onto the roof for a better view!Jan18-2014Day1Haiti16And always more visiting with the children.Jan18-2014Day1Haiti17Meal time!Jan18-2014Day1Haiti18Jan18-2014Day1Haiti20 Jan18-2014Day1Haiti21Time for the girls to shampoo and fix their hairJan18-2014Day1Haiti14
Later, the sun sets over the capitol. The team met up with their friends Junior and Benaja and headed to a restaurant at the top-of-the-hill overlooking Port-au-Prince, where they had the most delicious cappuccinos ever.   Jan18-2014Day1Haiti22 Jan18-2014Day1Haiti23 Back at “home base,” they were busy far into the night…trying to get the XO laptops up and ready for the kids to use next week.Jan18-2014Day1Haiti24And even later, the last one awake prepares for Day 2.Jan18-2014Day1Haiti25*****


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